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What is the reconstruction of the Egyptian company ??

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(159) reconstruction of the Egyptian Company for Contracting & General subject to the provisions of the Investment Authority Act No.

For the year (1981) and the commercial register number (46 415) and a tax card number (5-02676-199-0000)

The company works in the field of Real Estate Investment *

The company bought the land and the building and put up the units for sale *

The company designs paintings and architectural and construction licenses and the work of endoscopes and Albrashwrat *
And Almktat by managing engineering atelier working inside the company

The company is building on the lands of others in exchange for housing units or a fee *

Processing of approved companies and the work of analysis of each stage of the normal rules and armed columns *
The bishop also are adding materials for concrete so that the iron is non-corrosive and rust-denominated
Sewage and salts, alkalis and also the company to use clay and cement bricks
The wizard of the company’s production plant Bmzigunh
The company also manufactures doors throats and the finest quality in the company’s factory in the eastern Bilbes
And also the company to using marble and granite for entrances and units from the inside of the company’s production plant hard snake
The company also designs Almublja kitchens and manufactured by engineers and professionals specialize
Company plant Belbeis

The company B_taib units upon customer’s request cheaper prices and the finest raw materials and Antrat *

The company makes architectural and construction drawings and approved by the competent authority Booze and Aschraj *
Licenses for the plots of clients and supervise the implementation cheapest prices

The possibility of switching units and change contracts from project to project at any time, and after any time, provided that *
The company has a client and be regular in payment without adding fees

The company has a professional sales team is marketing comapny special units and special units *
Friendly companies within the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Gulf states no commision