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Community Action

The company deducted 25% of its profits to the development of civil society and sustainable development with the aim of activating the role of the private sector in community development.

Care of several institutions and associations eligibility of civil society organizations

– Our hands ھnhakq ​​dreamed of training and employing girls in Upper Egypt’s initiative in conjunction with the (Ministry of Youth and Sports – Ministry of Culture – Ministry of relics – Ministry of Social Solidarity).

2 – ppm farming initiative olive trees axis of the Suez Canal and planting the first tree Morیnja beloved Sinai region.

3 – the care and support of the Egyptian economy, supporting domestic tourism by supporting the tour guide and send a message of peace from the land of peace in all languages ​​of the world and stimulate citizens’ diplomacy between the Egyptian people and the Sudanese people and the Ethiopian people to invite Ethiopian ambassador and Sudan to support the people’s initiative to bridge the Renaissance (Kzھیr popular for leadership and political).

4 – care Hopefully role of women in the Egyptian conference building the country’s future in light of contemporary challenges in conjunction with the engineers union.

5 – Care International Festival cam Alsیnیmaia to the importance of the role of cinema to national security and the delivery of a message.

. 6 – care education and scientific research by donating to the Academy of Scientific Research annually

7 – Arabs care ethics initiative at the Arab level.

8 – care medical establishments of the Ministry of Health (donation of the pre-requisites and medical devices for the hospital, Ismailia General).

9 – supporting and sponsoring Arab Society for Materials Science in Alexandria.

2 – The Arab Center for Education and Development: support education initiatives (education quality in conjunction with the Arab League and the University of Ain Shams)

3 – The Egyptian Coalition for Civil Atma: care and social service activities for the Egyptian coalition for civil society organizations.

4 – The Association of Sons of the Association of Malawi charity: Care service activities of the Assembly.

5 – Egyptian Academy for youth employment: the project of establishing academic Saft El Laban in conjunction with the governorate of Giza.

6 – Automotive Academy training and youth employment.

7 – The Association of Ideas Bank.

8 – take care of education and scientific research.

9 – take care of the inventors.