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Real Estate Investing

The company buys the land and the building and put up the units for sale of the company is designing paintings and architectural and construction licenses and work Endoscopy Albrashwrat and Almktat by managing ھndsیh professional employed within the company

The company is building on the territory of third parties in exchange for units Sknیھ or a fee

The company uses modern methods to ensure the safety of property analyzes of the soil in conjunction with the Ain Shams University and pour concrete precedent Altjھیz of approved companies

An analysis of each Mrahlھ Adیھ and Muslhھ, columns, rules and bishop are also adds materials Khrsanھ and also the company is using Clay processor and the cement produced by the company’s brick factory

As the company is designing furniture, kitchens and Tsnیaھa through Mھndsییn and Mھnییn specialize factory company Belbeis

The company also manufactures throats and Doors of the finest species in the company’s factory in Bilbes Alcherqیھ

And also the company is using marble and granite for entrances and units from the inside of the company’s production plant Arabs Assistant company has a professional sales team markets the units within the company Acialھ Arabیھ Republic of Egypt and the Gulf states and Europe